Glass Bead Blasting

A decorative surface treatment of components made of stainless steel and noble materials.

  • It is used especially for following materials:
  • stainless steel – final surface treatment,
  • aluminium components – before anodic oxidation or coat paining by transparent coat paints,
  • other non-ferrous metals – brass, bronze, copper,
  • pre-treatment before galvanization – nickel and chrome painting.

Glass bead blasting process

The best results are reached in a so called two-stage process. The surface is first treated by sharp-edged abrasives – corundum or garnet. The surface is unified and cleaned from any dirt, oxides, heat tint after welding, and light surface inconsistencies. At this stage treated components gain opaque look. After the blasting process the surface is prone to scratches or dirt because of the fine sharp-edged relief. This is the reason why the blasting itself is used only as pre-treatment before coat painting. In order to maintain the metal surface, it is polished by glass beads in the second stage of the process. This stage makes the sharp tops of the surface round and products gain nice satin look, which also lowers visibility of any potential damage, scratches, smaller defects after welding, grinding, or spot welding. Product surface after glass bead blasting is very elegant thanks to the soft, satin look. Simultaneously, it raises product´s corrosion resistance. For subsequent polishing of the surface glass or ceramic beads are used (see examples). Individual materials slightly differ in colour and hardness. They are supplied in a wide range of sizes; therefore, to a great extent it is possible to influence the final appearance of a product.

An example of surface sandblasting and glass bead blasting for electroforming.

glass bead blasting the samples of raw, sandblasted and bead blasted surface

Glass bead blasting is suitable not only for final treatment of a new product or as a pre-treatment before subsequent chemical processes (electroforming, anodic oxidation), it also breathe new life into older objects, be it motor components, art and decorative objects or interior accessories.


An example of cleaning and glass bead blasting of a motor component

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An example of glass bead blasted surface

Blasting media

  glas bead blasting - raw surface  bead blasting - sanblasted surface  bead blasting - glass bead blasted surface

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