Blasting Machines

1.Toušeňská s.r.o. provides services in the field of surface treatment – glass bead blasting, sand blasting, and coat painting.

We also

design and supply blasting machines

Glass bead blasting is usually done in injector pneumatic blast machines. These practically enable use of any blast media. Their power is also easy to control and adjust. In result, it is possible to control the final look of a product and sandblast even very thin pieces without the risk of possible deformation.

Our company provides service both in sandblasting and coat painting itself as well as in designing and production of blasting devices. Thanks to long-time experience in the field and unique reciprocal relationship between the production and service, we can fulfil your order as well as provide you with a high-quality blasting machine supply. Thanks to the fact that we actually use our own blasters, during their construction we always take into consideration their operation needs and operator approach.

We produce and supply:

  • mobile pneumatic blast units – click here to see more,
  • blasting cabinets (standard width: 70 – 200 cm,  or individual requirements) –  click here to see more,
  • pneumatic blasting rooms – click here to see more,
  • special blasting device based on client´s needs (e.g. carousel blasting machines, automatic blast cabinets with turntable, pass through blast cabinets, etc.) – click here to see more.

Our blasting cabinets are designed so that they are comfortable to operate with, easily cleanable, and considering power requirements. They are also easily adjustable to pressure system for steel blasting. If required a version for quick interchange between injector and pressure systems is possible to arrange.

Several examples of our products

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